Energy transfer of love, peace and joy, has been used throughout history by all cultures and all religions. Until recently, this gift of Deeksha was almost extinct.

“The external world is merely a reflection of the inner world, therefore to change the world we must begin with ourselves, with the flowering of the heart.”

Oneness Deeksha Blessing is a transfer of divine energy designed to bring about the state of Oneness and flowering of the heart in the recipient. Oneness Blessing initiates a neurobiological change in the brain that when completed enables the senses to be free from the interference of the mind. When the senses are unclouded by the mind’s interpretations, a natural clarity of perception occurs with accompanying spontaneous feelings of joy, inner calmness and connection to the Oneness in everything. It dissolves negative life patterns, releases traumas stored at the cellular and energetic levels, and facilitates deep emotional and physical healing.

Eventually the process brings a permanent end to personal suffering and Full Awakening to the very highest states of consciousness. Oneness Deeksha Blessing is dogma-free and does not belong to any religion, philosophy or belief. It helps each of us to discover and fully experience the reality of our own unique relationship with the Divine. Oneness Deeksha Blessing is usually transferred by the Oneness Facilitator placing his or her hands on the crown of the recipient’s head. It can also be given by eye contact or by intention from a long distance away in meditation, over the phone or the internet. Experiences vary and may be strong, subtle or even delayed until days later.

One may experience a tingling sensation in the head, blissful feelings running through the whole body or perhaps nothing at all. Whatever the experience, it is certain that the process of Awakening has begun, a process custom designed for each person’s nature which will lead gradually (or sometimes suddenly) to Full Awakening to Oneness.


Deeksha is the energy transfer done only when the person becomes initiated, by the cleansing of the mind and heart in a 21 day process. The dormant spiritual faculties begin to quicken with life and the initiates feel within themselves a fullness, satiety, blessedness.

The process lands the seeker in a permanent, profound state of consciousness. Some people call it infinite intelligence, removing obstacles, enhancing creativity, making the mind clear and focused. Balancing the electromagnetic impulses emitted by the brain, it is directly connected to the opening of the heart. Without the heart opening, we are not able to feel our original state of Being, of peace and oneness. Instead we are caught in our mind, not able to be present in the moment, as is described by many sages of the past.

Deeksha is a process. It is an experience. It helps every individual discover the truth, and enhance his own personal belief system. It is a journey to connectedness and oneness. It intends to help every individual person, discover the truth of their own faith and brings peace. It enhances creativity, brings about a state of well being through balancing emotions, removes barriers, leads to greater abundance, generally assisting individuals to live their life’s purpose, releasing grief, resentment, anger and rage, clearing the path for abundance, happiness, bliss, joy, health, forgiveness, and fulfilling relationships with one’s family of origin.

Deeksha can put you through a “life review” where you become the other and experience the pain caused to them. You also experience the various emotions that you have not confronted within yourself. Thereafter acceptance and connectedness become natural to you. The force of judgment weakens paving the way for the flowering of the heart and to a more sensitive experience of life.


Oneness Deeksha is a transmission of energy that affects the activity of the brain. The effects are remarkable, defying the most logical explanations and have impressed even the most determined skeptics. The effects are proven to take place with the changes being recorded on scientific instruments.

In essence it is a phenomenon of power. The shift in the brain brings with it, a shift in perception and experience of life. Balancing the electromagnetic impulses emitted by the brain is directly connected to the opening of the heart. Without the heart opening, we are not able to feel our original state of being, of peace and oneness. Instead we are caught in a prison of thoughts, in our mind, not able to be present in the moment, as is described by many sages of the past. This energy transfer of love, peace and joy, has been used throughout history by all cultures and religions.

Scientists in Europe and the United States have found the effects of Deeksha in the brain stem and limbic system, identical to the effects caused by long term meditation found in the brain of Tibetan monks. Princeton University is establishing a laboratory to study, research and observe the Deeksha process.

Sri Bhagavan said, “You are divided within yourself. You are torn within trying to choose between the good and the bad, the right and the wrong, the perfect and the imperfect. Society has put into you various ideals and life is a constant struggle to live up to these ideals. You neither feel connected nor one with your loved ones, with nature or God. You exist in a state of alienation from all life. This division is the source of all strife that exists between individuals, families and cultures, religions and nations. The only solutions to all human problems and suffering is a state of oneness; oneness within oneself, with the world around and with God”

Thanks to Sri Amma Bhagavan we have been given the Oneness Blessing, the transfer of Divine energy to awaken our hearts into Oneness. Millions of lives around the world are being transformed everyday. Relationships are finding forgiveness, families are coming together, and hearts are flowering into a natural state of gratitude and joy.

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I have been thinking about all of the things Deeksha has done for me and how my life has changed since. Before I ever experienced Deeksha, I felt as though my life had become an overgrown garden. Full of weeds and wind blown twings trying to choke out the new growth, and the potential blooms. Now my garden has been cleaned, nurtured and tilled…well prepared ground. To be one with all is a beautiful gift. Thank you for helping me rake through the old debris.


I want to tell you that Deeksha changed my life. Life has brought to me a big change. Every woman faces this change so it is not special to me. Deeksha has made it possible for me to see clearly what I was afraid of letting go so that I can gracefully move into the crone years.


I loved the visions that came to me each time after receiving Deeksha from you. During the third receiving of Deeksha, I felt an intense healing energy very specifically in the centers of both palms of my hands. I loved sharing my experiences and hearing others tell of theirs; I appreciated your insightful and generous commentary for each of us as we shared. Being in the presence of the two of you and the other participants was soothing, uplifting.


Opening, opening deeply to every sensitive part of my being releasing, releasing expansively and then receiving love, loving presencehealing both mine and others and then resting in my heart-center with my beloved, be-loved, being loved.


I felt the energy shoot down my body and out my root chakra. After the Deeksha, I laid down and felt a shaft of light go up my nose and out my third eye.


Experiencing Deeksha brought my level of consciousness to the surface.


As I was beginning to go deeper, I sensed presence and realized that it was he Virgen de Guadalupe. She smiled warmly at me and gave me a personal message. Then she extended her right hand and touched my right hand palm o palm. She then placed her hands in prayer position. I experienced a “shower” of diamonds when I tried to open my eyes. I could not open them and the harder I tried, the more intense she’d shower me. I felt peace and joy when the Deeksha giver’s hands were placed on my head. I then experienced a shower of lotus blossom leaves, pink, and felt myself relax, as I enjoyed this blessing.

Elsa C

Although I felt a familiarity with everyone in the room when I first arrived, it was more amazing to me to feel how far rooted we all really are after receiving Deeksha. I usually struggle to see or feel anything in regular meditation. Deeksha instilled a depth I had not experienced before – at least not in this lifetime.


I loved the visions that came to me each time after receiving Deeksha from you. During the third receiving of Deeksha, I felt an intense healing energy very specifically in the centers of both palms of my hands… Being in the presence of the two of you and the other participants was soothing, uplifting.


Over the past 10 years, I have ventured from Montana to either Ohio or Arizona to participate in weekend sacred circles led by Maria Elena. Each time, through heart-centered group work, I have experienced profound healing and joy. Because of the recent addition of Maria Elena and Jacqueline gifting the Oneness Deeksha blessing during group work, proceeded by deep chakra clearing, I have been able to tap into a profound peace and connection to oneness as never before. Now when I sit in meditation on my own, I can tap into that holy place with ease, receiving its comfort instantaneously. It feels like my brain has been permanently altered and “tuned in” to bliss! Thank you for this precious offering!


At the first touch, I felt a wave of gratitude wash over me, filling my heart so much it begun spilling out… then I felt an opening in my hands and the flow of gratitude was like a RIVER coming in my head, filling my heart and out my hands.


Overall, my experience is of awe and wonder at the process of just being present to what is happening.


Having received Deeksha, I was filled with a sense of warm radiant light; it was as if the compartments of form dissolved with a liquid radiant essence. I felt whole and connected, empty and full.


Shifts are occurring in my energy field, my mind, my cells. My alignment with the flow of the universe and that which I serve. My energy field is so very light. There is an innate joy of being that has been enlivened. A weight lifted. I believe I will never know what that ancient energy was, but I know the Deeksha treatments cleared it. Quite amazing. My ability to “see” has been transformed.


Maria Elena is the real deal as a spiritual teacher: truly wise and deeply intuitive, and she is kindly to the clueless newbie. Jacqueline brings a wealth of her own knowledge, warmth and wisdom. As a team they offer an experience that connects us deeply with the forces we all seek to understand, without taking leave of reality as we know it. The workshops have been immensely valuable to me, and opened doors to experience and understanding beyond my hopeful expectation; I have not hesitated to take one of my most cherished friends to her; and I will continue to attend her workshops and other events, and to invite those dear to me…


I am 83 years old and, so far, have been the elder in Maria Elena and Jacqueline’s Deeksha gatherings. My goal is to live 20 more years–but in a joyful and healthy manner. By grace, I was lead to them when I was distraught because of mental illness in my family. Through Deeksha coupled with the wisdom given by Maria Elena and Jacqueline, I am able to be joyful and accept without judgment these challenges. According to “Eat, Pray, Love” we all need a guru. Maria Elena and Jacqueline are gratefully mine.


What a privilege and blessing to be at this recent Deeksha Blessing workshop… I learned much: I know I experienced more than I have even yet consciously recognized in the two weeks since. I am aware that I am kinder, gentler, more appreciative of people close to me and of everyone… I loved the peaceful and loving atmosphere, the beautiful altar and ceremonies. Besides these things, and many more, I loved being in the presence of others wanting to learn and grow and expand, and the fun of making new friends…


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