APRIL 18-28, 2018

Beautiful, mystical, deeply felt and resourced…. Together we will dance, shift states of consciousness, create miracles in our lives, and celebrate. Growth with awareness is bliss…with resistance, it is difficult. The idyllic oceanfront setting of Akumal, Mexico creates a cocoon of magnificent radiance for us to do our sacred work.

We will deepen our spiritual journey through the beauty of the Mexican Riviera, by entering deeper states of consciousness, inducted by Mayan rituals and healings, dream work, meditation, and so many blessings by the sea.

Our gathering here will be in preparation for entering deeper states of consciousness, facilitated with dream work, meditation, music, movement, energy healing, and with considerable free time to explore your choice of the surroundings.

Mastering the Mayan Mysteries is a full induction into the heart center of the Mayan culture, seeing past the illusions of thoughts and conditioning that hurt you and owning the fact that you are a spiritual being connected to all of life and each other.

As always, our journey will begin at the ocean in beautiful accommodations where one steps directly onto the soft white sand merely a few feet away from the dazzling dark blue and turquoise warm waters of the Caribbean. Our meals will be prepared in our own kitchen by cooks who choose the freshest produce from the market.

Our gathering here will be in preparation for entering deeper states of consciousness, dream work, meditation and with considerable free time to explore your choice of the surroundings.

An added blessing is a visit to a magnificent Mayan healer, to exquisitely help us deepen and expand our experience of deepening our soul’s connection to life, to joy, to love…infinitely deeper into the mystery of healing on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual planes.

The more intensely one commits to the process, the greater the experience of both inner connection and freedom. Where we will visit will take us deeper into the mystery with abundant gardens, mystical hand planted trees, animals and magical pyramids and cenotes.

This ancient Mayan healing art, which is truly an initiation, removes negative energies at the cellular level bringing about the freedom from unconscious programs that remain in our cells. It is dissolving any impression within you that you could possibly be imperfect or separate from source.

It is the culmination of our Spiritual Journeys in the Caribbean, directly on the second greatest barrier reef in the world.

Throughout this journey of the Yucatan a subtle and exquisite shift occurs which supports the soul’s connection to spirit and the body, uniting heaven and earth within, and leading to the fulfillment of one’s own destiny.


Time is allocated regularly to explore the breath-taking beauty of the Yucatan. There is always enough time for integrating and enjoying the beautiful surroundings & the group. The wonderful Mayan ruins of Tulum are a short drive away. While all other Mayan sites have always been discovered inland in the jungle wilderness, Tulum is the only known Mayan city built as a fortress over the ocean.

With its ancient history of art, ceremony, and rituals, and the beautiful and readily accessible soft, sandy beaches, Tulum is a wonderful site for self-regeneration, and for personal rituals. Sacred Mayan ritual energies are deeply anchored here inducting memories and connections not otherwise accessible. In honor and respect for the local traditions and spirits, please be sure to always observe the ritual of an offering of corn, tobacco, and crystals while asking permission to enter or leave these sacred sites.


The setting in Akumal is idyllic with the beach and ocean stretching right onto the front porch of the condominiums. A lagoon and several water pools sacred to the Mayans, known as ‘cenotes’, with crystal-clear, fresh water are nearby and afternoon excursions are recommended to these sites as well as to one of the beautiful, world famous beaches renowned for the talcum powder soft sand and turquoise, numinous waters.

The accommodations are absolutely beautiful, roomy, right on the ocean and an unforgettable view from where one can see the morning’s sunrise daily. Exquisite meals are are prepared on site by cooks from the best restaurant in Akumal who delight us with healthy, delicious, and impeccably nourishing meals. We are held in a cocoon of magnificent radiance in order to do our sacred work.







7:00am – 9:30 am Meditation and dreams (small break in the middle)

9:30 am Breakfast

11:00 am – 1:00 pm Main morning session

1:00 pm Lunch then free time

5:30 pm – 7:30 pm Main evening session

7:30 pm Dinner then rest or walks by the beach.


Price Includes: Transportation to Akumal from Cancun and back within prescribed times of arrival and departure, breakfast and supper, with light lunch, lodging, and in-land transportation.

Price Does NOT Include: Your airline ticket to Cancun or additional Shaman’s or Healers fees when we see them.

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