With greatest gratitude

Brugh Joy, MD

“Few individuals know the path through life’s difficult challenges into the Heart Center and its deepest Grace/Mystery, Unconditional Love. Maria Elena does and at profound levels. Without reservation and with great admiration I recommend her work to the most hesitant beginner as well as to those well along this most wondrous journey of Self knowledge.”


“Maria Elena is like a spiritual laser bringing you to consciousness in the way that your spirit asks her to. She is a remarkable being of light and love and she so eloquently and precisely gives this gift to you such that you are the embodiment of this love and connectedness with yourself, with others and the earth.”

Ann Albers

“Maria Elena can read your body and emotional energy field to help unblock stuck patterns that cause dis-ease and block you from living your dreams. She combines years of experience and multiple disciplines to get you into a space of optimal well-being. … she has PHENOMALLY great nurturing energy!”


“For a long time I have been waiting for the words to express what my time with Maria Elena has meant for me. The best I can do is to say that, for Maria Elena, all that exists is the Beloved. She is the Mother Weaver of the heart: her threads are blood and her song is love. She guides me back to the beauty of all that is. Even Death, in its infinite absence, can gift its own particular delicious ecstasy. Together on our knees, she returns me to the laughter of the Earth. With Maria Elena all that is, is the Beloved.”


“A newcomer to this sort of thing, I was encouraged to go to Maria Elena by a friend with considerable experience, whom I trusted. The workshop was so useful to me – my world was so improved, in so many ways – that I returned for another, and brought a friend in my turn. Maria Elena is the real deal as a spiritual teacher: truly wise and deeply intuitive, and she is kindly to the clueless newbie. Jacqueline brings a wealth of her own knowledge, warmth and wisdom. As a team they offer an experience that connects us deeply with the forces we all seek to understand, without taking leave of reality as we know it. The ways in which we seek are so various, and we are so various ourselves, that I have hesitated to write a testimonial, wondering how truly I can recommend Maria Elena – however highly I think of her – to someone I have no way of knowing. But this I can say with confidence: her workshops have been immensely valuable to me, and opened doors to experience and understanding beyond my hopeful expectation; I have not hesitated to take one of my most cherished friends to her; and I will continue to attend her workshops and other events, and to invite those dear to me. If any of what I have written above rings a bell for you, maybe you should check it out yourself.”


“A most heartfelt thank you for the ever increasing grace, beauty and love you both continually guide into people’s lives, including my own. The power of unconditional love that came through your guidance into the circle this weekend has so positively affected each ad every participant that everyone has said it has changed their lives forever. The deepening that occurred for me personally was nothing short of amazing. There is no doubt in my mind that we are here to live life joyfully!”


“Thank you for opening my eyes to the beauty of living.”


“Often when I speak with Maria Elena I feel as though I am able to listen to the most intimate part of my own heart’s wisdom. It’s an opportunity to have a conversation with a portion of my soul that desires to be heard.”


“Rarely have I sat in a circle in such love and goodwill. The group sessions and dream work brought out the sweetness of our inner stirrings many of which had been previously masked. Maria Elena’s devotion to this powerful soul work guided us safely and joyfully. If you are a person seeking wholeness and have a desire to clear self imposed blockages, this will be an exciting and productive investment in yourself.”


“Thank you for your commitment to spiritual growth and development; it is much needed on the planet!!! Thank you for being the seed and seeded, the impetuous, the spark that flames the hearts’ of so many!!! I love you both very much and the fear that has frozen my heart at times is beginning to melt into the true essence of LOVE!!!!”


“Maria Elena Cairo is a profoundly gifted mystic who guides us into living our most authentic life.”


“Working with Maria Elena enabled me to uncover things that were hidden deep inside me that needed to be brought out into the light of day. I had no idea that the transformative energies she invoked would affect me so profoundly!”


“Maria Elena and Jacqueline, This weekend has been for me a gift I will retain forever. As I think of money, dollars, I have spent throughout my life; “Dollar for Dollar” and the value received for each, this “Circle” is the best, best, value I have ever received from Dollars spent.”


“I want you to know how deeply touched I continue to be by the enormous sacrifice you make, the beauty of the guidance and wisdom that comes through you, the surrender with which you greet life, and, most of all, the stunning vulnerability you embody as a teacher, lover, shaman, and friend – it is gorgeous, powerful and present in you, unlike anyone I have ever known. I bow before you.”


“Words alone cannot express the gratitude I feel or the inspiration that flows through my heart.”


“It has been difficult to find words to express my gratitude to both of you for your generous sharing of yourselves during our intensive. Thank you, thank you! It does feel as though a new chapter of my life has begun. Almost daily I get comments from people “I didn’t recognize you” or “You look like a different person.” I feel like a different person. I am deeply connected to life in ways I never imagined were possible. I could go on and on and still don’t think I could really express what is going on inside.”


“I’m feeling awake, relaxed and shifting inside in ways I do not understand and yet in the most fundamental way I know all is well. I am more whole. I acknowledge and bow to both you and Jacqueline for creating and sustaining the sacred space that allowed us all to reap the blessings of the Divine.”


“Thank you for allowing me to participate in the enlightening weekend of healing. I marvel at your wisdom, how we are all one, and the miracles that transpire through your loving process. The power of healing is cumulative as I spend time with you. I am grateful that, although late in life, I have this opportunity to see more clearly.”


“After our session my energy level remained high for days and I still feel surges when I focus and when I listen to your tape… I am so grateful to Life and to you for all you do to help us consciously access our spiritual selves. I continue to be at peace and accept life’s challenges.”


“I write this with a heart wide open in love and gratitude. These ten days in Akumal have shown me what miracles really are. You have given me my life back, or rather, you have provided the love and support with your sacred gifts that enable me to take my life back. I have known down to my core that all the answers are within me. You have helped me to begin the process of finding them. I am not the same person who got off the plane ten days ago. This has been a transforming experience. The Sacred Circle is indeed sacred. I thank you and Jacqueline and each person in our circle, the extraordinary shamans and the lovely people who lent their support to keep us well fed and free from household chores.”


“The Akumal Journey opened the door and invited me to lovingly remember who I am. To sing my song, dance my dance, walk my walk., with love and respect. Maria Elena offers a safe space to deepen and to awake to possibility. I had a malocclusion that realigned to a correct bite after just one of the psychic surgeries…”


“I feel privileged to have experienced this soul journey to Mexico with Maria Elena. The journey was difficult, but with the loving support of Maria Elena and the Circle, I was able to see through blockages and discover my gift of being an empathy. This is a wondrous and miraculous journey that I will stand in awe of for the rest of my life.”


“I have found in my life that there are many people who are willing to share the knowledge, reach, guide me, and extend themselves in a good way, but, although every teacher has something to share, not all of these gifts mix together well in the same pot. I feel strongly that the blending of you, Don Jorge and Don Gabino is the mix that feeds my soul, spirituality, and love. It is the right and continual path for me.”


“I couldn’t help but think of you as I traveled through Phoenix. The effect of our time together in Mexico has totally reshaped my life and continues to do so. I build and build on a foundation built in glorious myth. I see glimmers more and more often of the importance of this life, of every moment, the importance of relishing everything that comes my way. I struggle to put words to it…and perhaps that is part of my task. To put words to the visions that unfold for me, in hopes that Creation can flow through me clearly enough that the attempt is more than infantile, ineffective writings. I have the vision, respect its lights and shadows – and to dance it into creation, to perhaps benefit another with the vision, has been a driving force throughout my entire life.”


“I will attempt to write into words, which are limiting, what I received on this trip, which is vast, multidimensional and full of all possibility. The best way I can describe it is that parts of me became integrated and I had more joy, bliss and clarity. I was vibrating love. I could see, hear and sense so much and things just made sense and when they didn’t, I just trusted, period. I used to have to work so hard at trusting and now I just sat in it.

Since I have been home it has been a continuation of the same. Any negative thought, any judgment or any fear it showed to me right away and it is transformed without effort or guilt. Love just penetrates and transforms. It is bliss and the connection is an opening to all that IS. I can send love like never before. I wish I had better words to describe all the dimensions that have opened up. I have been gifted with myself and the essence of who I am. Service is an extension of that and not a duty. It just flows because that is the nature of who my essence is.”


“This is a trip we couldn’t possibly have taken on our own. We watched your continual effort to hold a center that each of us could be somehow held by; even at the times we were unable to do so for ourselves. Your ability to help us through the “technical” part was also profound.”


“The journey with Maria Elena into the shamanic world of Yucatan opened my eyes to new realities; a retrieving of ancient powers and unburdening of much that was extraneous.”


“The trip was brimming with cycles and circles, beginnings, endings to the point that they were one. Infinity signs. Day turning into night into day. The cyclical movement of the tropical storm, the low pressure juxtaposed with the high pressure. The rain and the sunshine at Don Gabino’s. The bird feasting on dead carcasses. The green turtle laying eggs in the sand and the newly hatched ones being released. The moon growing to her fullness and then waning. The tides moving in and out. The circle moving in and out, almost rythmically. The grandmother energies and the energies of the young ones and all those in between. Nathan beginning with you at age seven carrying what he was carrying at that young age, now returning for his own healing and renewal, reworking of wounds. The ones who have buried husbands gaining a new breath of life and love and moving toward healing those relationships. The ones who have had painful divorces opening to the ho’ oponopono. Continuing the mother, father, child work and all its permutations. The wobbles and finding our way back to ourselves. Reexperiencing old pains and finding redemption of them. Into meditation and out to the point that everything felt like a meditation. Tears and laughter until they were one. Coming off the airplane from time space, finding that place of no time or space and taking that with us back to our sacred daily lives. Varying degrees of opening, closing, opening again wider and wider. The circles brought by the homeopathic remedy. The Sacred Heart in the center of the circle pulsating with ours and all of ours together sending energy back to the center, all of the directions, above, below and for all our relations. Shiva dancing on the baby within the circle of fire.”


“My soul and body cried out for help…which I mightily received on my trips to Mexico with Maria Elena and Jacqueline. If your soul needs nourishing, this is the place to go.”


“In my experience the energy becomes even more profound when leaving. With sincere appreciation…”

Ann Marie Chiasson MD, MPH, CCFP

“The healing trips to Mexico with Maria Elena have brought me physical and psycho-spiritual healing beyond my wildest dreams. It has also led me to the awareness of the unified field, personal vibrational fields, and introduced me into the shamanic field. I use what I have learned on a daily basis in both my medical practice and my energy healing practice. On a personal note, the ability to stay aligned in all situations is remarkable, and it is if a subtle life-long depression or dissatisfaction is lifting. Her ability to teach with the heart center makes even the most difficult transitions possible.”


“Shifts are occurring in my energy field, my mind, my cells. My alignment with the flow of the universe and that which I serve. My energy field is so very light. There is an innate joy of being that has been enlivened. A weight lifted. I believe I will never know what that ancient energy was, but I know the Deeksha treatments cleared it. Quite amazing. My ability to “see” has been transformed. I can tap into the projections and see and move through very quickly. The ability to pause, center, shift is at lightning speed. Even in the depths of my most significant shadow reflections, I feel so centered and if not I can get back quickly and process the material. My self discipline is solid where before I was slack. And, it is not efforted – exercise, meditation, nutrition – it’s as though there is no question as to what to do. The path has narrowed and yet seems so wide.”

M.W., M.D.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, for these precious ten days. A journey home. At times I am like a bird flying effortlessly who loses trust and faith and begins flapping her wings, making such a struggle of flight forgetting that it is the wind under her wings, the very breath of God that lifts her and creates who she is. Thank you for the remembering – the gracious and loving way that you hold us and taught us and challenged us and laughed with us brought me back to my heart. I have a lot left to learn but if my heart remains open, I will be different with more to offer those around me and those I seek to serve.

Returning to my patients and clinics has seemed almost effortless and graceful as if I am carrying “the field” with me. Interactions with staff and patients have been smoother than ever and there is no struggle. I’m not surprised by the presence of the circle’s energy; additionally, it feels as if Don Gabino’s field and that of the jungle is present as I’m seeing patients– deeply moving experiences that stir heartfelt gratitude. Thank you for your loving teachings, patience and kindnesses.